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Training Programs

Life Centered Therapy Year I Training: Five 3 Day workshops *

The Life Centered Therapy Year I Training invites you into an expansive integrative worldview from which we introduce you to our inclusive psycho-spiritual healing model, the Seven Steps for Transformation. You learn the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol to heal trauma in order to help yourself and others to live the life you choose in the world. This training, which is 105 hours long, typically is broken out into one three day introductory weekend and 12 subsequent days as 4 three day weekends.
Weekend I of the Training, where you learn the fundamentals of the complete Five Step Healing Process Protocol and twenty Practices, can stand alone and also serves as the foundation for the rest of the Training. Continuing Education Units for Social Workers are available for this weekend.
During subsequent weekends, you learn how to work with archetypal themes that may be out of conscious awareness, such themes as neglect, betrayal, loss, violence… which are the foundation that can connect many different and seemingly unrelated intentions. Knowing how to work with these themes allows for  more expanded and more powerful resolution of trauma. We will distinguish between patterns that describe the traumas themselves and patterns that describe how we protect and limit ourselves in reaction to traumas.
Please note: At the completion of the Year I Training, participants receive a Certificate of Completion. To become a Certified Life Centered Therapy practitioner a number of requirements must be met.
Life Centered Therapy Certification Requirements:

  • Score 90% or higher on a written test
  • Facilitate, write-up and submit 50 sessions done with clients
  • Receive 20 sessions (many of these sessions both facilitating and receiving, can be done during the training program)
  • Have 6 hours of supervision
  • Complete an Ethics course (if not a licensed mental health professional)
  • Display competence in session performed in front of your instructor

Year II is not necessary in order to be certified, but is extremely useful. Most everyone who is certified has taken the Year II Training.

Life Centered Therapy Year II Training: Four 3 Day workshops *

The Life Centered Therapy Year II Training begins by inviting you to look at your own process and limitations so that you are able to be more authentically present with your clients, so that while you may hope for certain outcomes for them, you are non-attached to results.  In addition, you learn to listen and pay attention more intently so you are able to hear on multiple levels – literal, symbolic, metaphoric, archetypal, metaphysical, systemic, so that you are able to guide you clients more deeply and broadly.  You also learn to facilitate the other six steps of the Seven Steps of Transformation and work with couples, groups and larger systems. This Training, which is 84 hours long, typically is broken out into three four day weekends.

Master Classes for Life Centered Therapy Year 1 Training Graduates

Master classes are limited to those Life Centered Therapy students who have completed the Year I Training. The intention of the class is to address participants’ issue around understanding the Life Centered Therapy framework and using it with clients. The agenda is co-created building off the intentions of the attendees. Students have found this deeply powerful both in accelerating their understanding of an expanded worldview and their capacity to apply it to themselves and clients.