Healing Services


Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

Generally, like more traditional therapy, the first session tends to be 1.5 to 2 hours and successive appointments are 1 hour. While every situation is different, often people find that they can come less frequently because working in the body tends to be more expedient than simply talking about an issue.  This work can also be done by telephone. Contact the institute or see the practitioner page for more information.
Life Centered Therapy works well with children. They seem to love this process because it’s both powerful AND fun, accessing their natural ability to open to energy and imaginal realms.


Healing Circles (Group Therapy)

When we do healing work in a circle the benefit can be magnified as participants expand and support the focus of each other’s work. Groups concentrate on both individual intentions and the collective intention. This provides a rich, deep base of healing for all participants. You can join anytime in the cycle.