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How Easy Is It to Learn for a Therapist?

Even though Life Centered Therapy is a full framework rather than an intervention, it is quite easy to learn the basics. You can learn the structure, a simple 5 step protocol in as short a time as a day, and you can immediately use it in your practice and get positive results. We recommend the LCT Year I Training (15 days) because it teaches about underlying patterns giving you a way to work even more effectively and efficiently with your clients.

The therapist role is to become an expert in the framework. The framework is a map of all the possibilities of how to give words to what people are experiencing.  Once you know the possibilities, you can invite the client into finding their particular experience that is impeding the realization of their desire(s).

Foundational Healing Premises

  1. All of our problems, mental, emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, and the suffering that accompanies them, are an invitation to re-membering something we couldn’t handle
  2. Once you can’t handle something, it creates an energetic template in your field that acts like a magnet, bringing similar situations to us until we’ve mastered what we could not handle in the first place
  3. We can experience this template as physical discomfort
  4. It follows that every discomfort is the exact equivalent of something that couldn’t be handled and everything that can’t be handled has a discomfort associated with it.
  5. The discomfort is holding a memory from the perspective of who or what you were at the time the template was set, including all the feelings, mean-making of the one who had the experience. We believe that the being who had that experience is present in the here and now and is revealed through the body sensations that are associated with whatever couldn’t be handled.
  6. We receptively listen as the discomfort shares its story. We then find out if anything further needs to be done to release the template (often energetic interventions like acupressure techniques) and,  if so, we do them,  and the discomfort ought to dissipate.
  7. When this happens, we expect one of two things to occur:
  8. We will find our difficulties have resolved or
    Our relationship to our difficulties will change to such degree that they won’t have any anxiety associated with them.

Origins of Life Centered Therapy

Life centered therapy arises out of many psychological traditions.

  • From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy comes the idea that our irrational beliefs create difficulties for us.
  • From Psychoanalysis, that unresolved internal conflicts lead to our symptoms and limited perspectives.
  • From Narrative Therapy, the fundamental power of our stories as a lens through which we perceive reality.
  • From Systems Theory, the realization that everything is interconnected.
  • From Depth Psychology, the profound idea that we experience life through archetypes and that we are made up of a community of personas, each of which has a life of its own and informs us.
  • From Body Centered Psychotherapy, the revelation that every life experience we can’t handle has an associated body sensation, and it is this sensation that has the problem and the story to tell.
  • From the Enneagram, the simple and powerful revelation that each of us experiences the world through one core lens and that this lens protects and limits us, and reveals our core motivation.
  • From Trauma Therapy, the recognition that events we cannot handle create a template that acts almost like a magnet, bringing similar experiences that help us to re-member and master the original overwhelming one.
  • From Buddhist Psychology, the realization that we are not our experiences and that self-acceptance is the key to mature freedom.
  • And finally, from Quantum Psychology, the profound revelation that each of us is a mystical cell in the body of Life itself and that each of us has a role to play in the evolution of Life.

Sample Testimonial

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