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Foundational Healing Premises

  1. All of our problems, mental, emotional, physical, relational, spiritual, and the suffering that accompanies them, are an invitation to re-membering something we couldn’t handle
  2. Once you can’t handle something, it creates an energetic template in our field that acts like a magnet, bringing similar situations to us until we’ve mastered what we could not handle in the first place
  3. We can experience this template as physical discomfort
  4. It follows that every discomfort is the exact equivalent of something that couldn’t be handled and everything that can’t be handled has a discomfort associated with it.
  5. The discomfort is holding a memory from the perspective of who or what we were at the time the template was set, including all the feelings and meaning-making of the one who had the experience. We believe that the being who had that experience is present in the here and now and is revealed through the body sensations that are associated with whatever couldn’t be handled.
  6. We receptively listen as the discomfort shares its story. We then find out if anything further needs to be done to release the template (often energetic interventions like acupressure techniques) and,  if so, we do them,  and the discomfort ought to dissipate.
  7. When this happens, we expect one of two things to occur:
  • We will find our difficulties have resolved or
  • Our relationship to our difficulties will change to such degree that they won’t have any anxiety associated with them.

How many healing sessions will I need?

This depends on the nature of your concern and your overall goals. You are likely to experience a change in your symptoms or relationship to your symptoms in the first session, and you will know this because you will notice a change in the discomfort associated with the problem. Typically, the results of Life Centered Therapy are fairly rapid, and clients see changes after each session. Many people have six to eight sessions while others use Life Centered Therapy as an ongoing powerful resource for growth. The number of sessions depends on you.

Does Life Centered Therapy replace the need for medical treatment?

No, though it may, in some cases, diminish the need for or reduce the time of traditional treatments. We encourage you to integrate the best of all available healing services. Our certified facilitators work collaboratively with your treatment team to provide you with maximum care.

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