The Enneagram

Clearly, we appear to have inexplicable differences. Typically, our understanding is limited by our own frame of reference. The Enneagram, an ancient system of understanding personalities and their core motivations, is a tool that helps us release our limited points of view, in turn broadening our understanding and appreciation of our differences. More than any tool we have encountered, it helps us to learn to be truly empathic towards others and their way in the world, while keeping our own perspective. It is a way of getting to know ourselves and others from the inside out. It is a way to freedom from our habituated ways of being. The word Enneagram is derived from the Greek words enneas meaning nine and gramas meaning points – literally nine points. The system describes nine fundamental personality types, their core motivations and ways of relating in the world, each with its own gifts, natural limitations and blind spots. Overview The Enneagram model is based on the observation that human beings experience the world in three significant ways through
  • Thinking————————————————————> Head
  • Feeling ————————————————————-> Heart
  • Sensing ————————————————————> Belly

(and that these correspond to three physical centers of perception and

intelligence that mediate these experiences)

While people use all three centers, each type preferentially uses one of them for perceiving and responding to life. Truly elegant in the scientific use of the word, the Enneagram clearly, directly and economically explains the complexity of human behavior in a profoundly accurate and simple way. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to help us understand ourselves better and navigate our relationships with greater ease and grace.